Official Website Awakens!

Finally, like a monument forever being chipped away at, the website for Hamunaptra is here!  Welcome!

A dedicated site for the mod, this is where I'll be posting ongoing updates regarding current development, new features as they are added, and all manner of insights into the world and its' inhabitants as Hamunaptra draws nearer to release.

For all ye burning questions, please head on over to the F.A.Q section.  This should serve to answer most of the obvious ones, along with the About and Features sections for more details about the mod.  Otherwise you can leave a message on the forum boards and ill endeavor to answer ...just as soon as I finish this tomb :P

~ Unearthed.


Teaser Trailer is here!

Huge thanks to our good friends R.K Media Works who have done a massively awesome job of creating the mods first official teaser trailer - check it out below, share it, and let us know what you think.



On Tombs & Dungeons - Including Screenshots!

As we've mentioned here over in the features section, Hamunaptra will have many dungeons for you to explore and pillage as you see fit.  Most of these areas are multi leveled with 2 or more floors, and are designed with a variety of routes to take so that you aren't always forced to take the same ol' passage. 


Adding to this, the ancient builders were devious in their craft and have concealed many secret areas behind false walls.  These hidden chambers and forgotten tunnel sections provide both longevity and further excitement to your dungeon crawl - but beware! While walled-up passages may imply concealed treasure for the taking, they may equally have been secured in order to keep ancient horrors from escaping! So, investigate at your own risk ..the choice is yours.

Visit the media section to view some screenshots of these perilous chambers!

~ Unearthed.



Unlock the western gate and discover... The Forsaken Wastes

Greetings and welcome! 

In today's update we introduce the latest 'Diablo 2 inspired' area that will no doubt become a popular mid-level plundering ground for the determined player - The Forsaken Wastes!

Arid and inhospitable, the Wastes stretch far into the reaches of the western deserts beyond Memphis.  Here the promise of a dry, desiccated death is a certainty above all else, adding to the common belief that the plateau is littered with sun-dried bones of animal and man alike, causing one's step to crunch atop the shallow blanket of sand and dust.  


In times past, however, it is said a city once thrived there quarried and built from the proud hills in honour of an Old Kingdom Pharaoh.  Foolish opportunists and fortune seekers reason that old, untouched tombs of the long dead nobles and elite from the lost city are still out within the wastes somewhere. 

Be sure to check over in the media & video sections for more content!

~ Unearthed.

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