Sep 11, 2018

The Abandoned Tower awaits! ..and other news.

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Edited: Sep 11, 2018


Feature creep? Yeah it's a creative problem I have.. but it means more content for you guys and, in this case, a new side location with a dungeon that's now my new favourite underground area (I say this every time I make a new one though hah).


Before I get into the update proper, let me welcome you to the forums! It has been quiet around here since the mod website launched but hopefully we can get some noise happening. To that end, the updates and news will now be archived here for convenience/practical purposes. I've also rearranged some of the forum categories. If you have suggestions regarding layout etc then of course post your thoughts in the Ideas section.


Now, about that Tower..



The tower crypts run deep.

I've always been intrigued by The Forgotten Tower of Diablo 2 and its tale of the Countess and her blood-crazed whims deep within the buried cellars. The story is only eluded to through an ancient tome that you, as the player, happen upon out in the wilderness. And even then, it only gives just enough details to both fascinate the player while also conveying the horror associated with the tower. I always find myself thinking "yep that place was forgotten for a reason" - but then you find yourself abruptly tasked to seek it out, descend into its' bone ridden cellars and plunder the 'rumored' riches still down there somewhere. And I absolutely love it!


So, even though Hamunaptra is set in ancient Egypt, I had to make my own version of the tower! Now, of course I've made my version to fit the world I have established so it's not a moss covered ruin akin to Diablo's one nor is the lore/story surrounding it the same. As with the Forsaken Wastes region it is influenced by it and perhaps part of my own homage/reference to that iconic game.

Creatively named The Abandoned Tower (for obvious reasons), it is a unique, somewhat hidden area off the beaten track. Finding it won't be overly difficult ..but entering it and surviving its' depths will be no trivial task. Prove the worth of your hero or become another bonepile to be sifted and looted by the next foolhardy thief. Haha it'll be a fun time.


If you know anything about me by now you'll know that I like immersive, quality dungeon crawls that are long. The original Forgotten Tower had five levels which was just great. In Titan Quest, while I loved the handcrafted underground areas, the length and lack of interactivity in them was a main gripe I had. This is a big aspect that I'm improving upon and I hope you'll agree once you get your hands on the mod.


Having said that and to state the obvious; The Abandoned Tower will have many levels and will feature something that TQ's dungeons specifically didn't have > choices!



Extra special loot for the taking!

In true rpg style your character will come upon certain areas or interactive objects where you'll have to decide what action to take. Will you be rewarded or cast into further peril?

The excerpt below describes one such encounter...


"Inside the dungeon you've only crawled through the first few corridors of level one when abruptly you come across a side chamber. You enter and immediately see at the far end a hoard of treasure heaped against a pedestal, upon which rests a jeweled chest casting a peculiar radiant glow. However, between this enticing loot and where you stand is a deep forboding pit within the stone floor. The black pit is not entirely un-traversable though, for across its' expanse you can see a crumbling stone bridge. The question now of course is; do you trust the bridges' integrity and attempt to cross it?"


So what do you think happens??



~ Unearthed.


Sep 16, 2018

Love the incorporation of 'choices'! This will definitely add impact to a more immersive game-play and contribute to the sense of character development that plain old leveling just can't compare to. Look forward to seeing this in action!

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