Open World Design

~ A handcrafted world with full sized cities that have extensive thematic quarters to explore, along with large open wilderness areas with an emphasis on dungeon locations.  Tombs and ruins abound - after all, this is ancient Egypt!


~ Hidden areas, concealed chambers, and even lost passages leading to sprawling forgotten tombs provide further incentive for the keen explorer, often yielding valuable rewards and new lore insights about the ancient world.

Hero Monster Encounters

~ Both old and entirely new hero monsters await within the desert lands of Egypt.  These hero monsters are designed to provide challenging encounters, and care has gone into applying appropriate skills, equipment, and locales for each to ensure both a more plausible and immersive experience.


~ The chambers of the City of the Dead are filled with vast amounts of pharaonic wealth and treasures.  Of course, many of these exotic items have somehow resurfaced throughout the ages, only to glimmer under the desert sun for a coveted moment before being hidden away or lost once again.  Hamunaptra introduces a generous amount of new items for players to search for, including both MI (monster infrequent), Epic (blue), and Legendary (purple) items.  In addition, extra attention to detail has been added to virtually every new item in the form of Historical Lore on each piece, while there are also new arcane formulae and relic components to discover. 

Story and Lore

~ An engaging main quest-line that offers a darker, more perilous plot for the player to uncover, with an emphasis on bringing back more of the horror-focused influences from The Mummy series.  Side quests are designed to further reveal key narrative elements of this story, and to allow players to gain an understanding of how certain events have impacted the world.

..and still more to come