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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hamunaptra?

Hamunaptra is an ARPG hack n' slash mod for Titan Quest set in ancient Egypt.  It is being created by Unearthed Studios NZ using the Titan Quest editor and tools released with the original title.  Where many other mods have introduced new masteries or gameplay mechanics, with the exception of a select few including Lilith, Hamunaptra brings an immersive new map environment for players to enjoy, along with an intriguing origin story inspired by the lore from The Mummy film (1999). 

How big is the new area/world?

The world is currently estimated at roughly around a 3rd of the size of Act 1 Greece, however it is always expanding and will likely be over half the size of Greece when the first chapter is released.  Also keep in mind that dungeons are generally multi-leveled and much larger than in TQ.  Current completion time of content is around 5-6hrs.

Is this mod based on The Mummy movie? How and why exactly?

Yes, it is based within the same universe of The Mummy film which starred Brendan Fraser (excluding the sequels).  Although of course it had its fair share of 'Hollywood cheese', we feel the first film was by far the best,  featuring strong and interesting lore ideas, and capturing a unique horror-inspired atmosphere.  This has provided a rich foundation to begin with, and players will be able to delve deeper into what happened after the dreaded curse was invoked.  

Do we start with a fresh character from level one?

Yes you sure do.  The game is designed for you to begin the journey with a new character, however take heed!  From the outset the challenge-curve is steep.  This is due in part to the use of many monsters from Act 2 in Titan Quest early on to fit thematically, though primarily it is intended to be a more challenging experience overall.

Will there be three difficulty levels as with Titan Quest?

There are no plans for epic and legendary difficulties at this time.  This was a decision made early on in development mainly due to the scope of the project, among other reasons.  Rest assured there will still be unique side bosses and ample opportunity to gain higher tier loot.

Are there new items to discover?

Yes ..and no? In a sense there are plenty.  The items are indeed all new in terms of name/stats etc, save for  the art of the piece.  These range from components and recipes, to monster infrequent, epic, legendary and even certain easter-egg and legacy items.  There are also a few items to look forward to which were never added to the original Titan Quest!

Exploration; is it linear or more open?

More open.  However, we have endeavored to maintain a good balance between both, with many areas opening up and including branching paths.  Exploration is an important aspect of Hamunaptra and there will be a minimum of hand-holding.

Will it always be constant desert landscapes? How varied is this?

Hamunaptra is set in ancient Egypt, therefore yes the environments are predominantly desert - but not all deserts are the same.  Care has been taken to vary these as much a possible, and Egypt does in fact feature many different locales such as Nile marshes, oasis, rock canyons, palm river banks and farmlands to name a few.  Having said that, if you're not fond of sandy places.. you might want to head back to Greece?

Does this cost money to play?

No.  This is essentially a fan-made mod like any other, made using the Titan Quest and Immortal Throne game assets.  All of which are now the respective property of THQNordic.

How/where can I download this mod?

Upon nearing release, the mod will most likely be available for direct download from this website and the titanquestfans forum.  Further details regarding this will be discussed closer to the time.  Patience please :)

Do I need a copy of Titan Quest to play this?

Yes you will need a copy of the game, along with the TQ: Immortal Throne expansion.  Alternatively, the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition(TQ:AE) will also work fine with the Hamunaptra mod.