Hamunaptra is a custom mod for Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition, created using the tools shipped with the original game.  It will introduce a new, detailed world set in ancient Egypt for players to explore.  As the name suggests, the world is inspired by the horror themes and atmosphere of the old mummy films, emphasizing these themes through lore and story along with dark dungeons and the nefarious denizens whom dwell within.  Surrounding this is the perilous prospect of high risk and high rewards - an enduring trait of action rpg's.

An excerpt from the Scrolls of the Med-jai;


"What if I told you that when the Legionairre and his companions foolishly unleashed the creature in 1923, it was not the first time - no, the Black Sarcophagus has been unlocked before and its cursed priest awakened in undeath ages ago.  Listen, and I shall recite from the old scrolls....."

It has been 200 years since the murder of Pharaoh Seti I by his mistress Ankh-Na-Senut and the High Priest Imhotep.  Though this treachery was of  the most severe degree, it was the high priests' blasphemous actions thereafter that utterly condemned himself and his priesthood. 


The unspeakable Ka'Duat sentence, for which Imhotep is the only person ever to have been subjected to, was performed in those darkest of chambers below Hamunaptra.  To forfiet ones afterlife, and become a walking horror eternally barred from the realm of the White Halls, is an ultimately hopeless fate.  Let it be said that the Med-jai, though bound by sacred duty, never wished for such things to come to pass.  The Priests of Amun-Ra however were of a different mind.  Indeed, even now these events are still lingering memories throughout the lands of Egypt. 

Seti's successor Ramses II decreed that Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead as it is known, be given unto the violence of Set and consumed by his shifting sands.  The great gates to Hamunaptra were henceforth ordered to be sealed, and the city where generations of Egypt's pharaohs and queens, high priests and legendary warriors had been interred was thus abandoned.. but never forgotten, and always guarded.


It is now 1090 B.C, and the current Lord of the Two Lands, Pharaoh Siptah, is determined to continue his predesessors charge to safeguard the kingdom.  However, there are some who still claim allegiance to the cursed high priest, and have been preparing for his return...

                                                                    Emelekos ~ Memoirs of the Med-jai